The One to Dream


About "The One to Dream"

This short film is one of my 'music photeo'* creations and features images set to a song by Toronto singer-songwriter Kat Goldman's stellar 2017 album "The Workingman's Blues."

I first met Kat randomly on a busy street corner when I was a little lost and asking for directions after coming out of a film festival screening in Toronto in 2006. We've been friends ever since and this is our first collaboration.  

About the album this song appears on: "My fourth album “The Workingman's Blues" tell a story about a young, tough punk, from Boston, who is grappling with his difficult past of economic rage and frustration, family violence, and addiction, and yet he goes to his hard labour job each day determined to make a better future for himself in America. I want the world to hear this."
-Kat Goldman, Toronto

Kat's album is available at: and on iTunes & Spotify. 


Thank you to Kat Goldman, the musicians and producer Bill Bell for this song that moves me so much. And thank you to all who watch this short. -Ez


Hand photos at beginning and end of the video feature the hands of writer Brenda Keesal:

The hemp rope character in this video is "Xoosher" (pronounced Zoosher), a creation of Ezra Soiferman.

*What's a music photeo?

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