Harry Rosen

Dr. Harry Rosen, 2016

Dr. Harry Rosen, 2016

Tribute to Harry Rosen by Ezra Soiferman

Nov. 17, 2018 - Montreal

Tomorrow is the funeral for my friend Harry Rosen. Dr. Rosen, who died on Thursday at the age of 89, was Emeritus Professor at the McGill Faculty of Dentistry, a pioneer in prosthodontics and a celebrated and immensely talented and driven sculptor.

It was a privilege to document Harry's sculptures over the past ten years through photographs. What fascinated me most about Harry was how he seemed to be built of the very same stones he found, moved, chipped, ground, molded, cast, set, donated, showed and shared. Like his sculptures, this gentle giant of a man was unshakeable and unmistakeable. A rock-solid mensch.

My sincere condolences to Harry’s wife Delores, his entire family and his many friends, fans, students and colleagues.



The funeral took place Sunday, November 18th at Paperman’s in Montreal. You can read the beautiful notice his family wrote at the Paperman’s site: https://www.paperman.com/en/funerals/2018-11-18-dr--harry--rosen

The Montreal Gazette published an obituary about Harry’s life and career here: https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/obituary-harry-rosen-montreal-dentist-and-maker-of-imposing-public-art

To learn more about Harry’s career and his sculptures, please visit his official site: http://www.drharryrosen.ca

Below is a gallery of images I took of Harry at work up at his family cottage in Lake Patrick, QC, and the many sculptures he donated to institutions around Montreal.